Auto Mapper:
Never get lost again!  Auto Mapper lets you create, edit, and share maps of the world.  With one click, you can breeze from place to place, and see the worlds of Elanthia in a whole new way.
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Active Community and Forums:
You don’t need to go it alone!  Hundreds of Genie users have come together to create a helpful community to share scripts, maps, settings, and ideas.  Script not working?   Have an idea for a plug-in or feature?  Share it and watch it take shape!
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Extensive Scripting Language:
Don’t be intimidated!  Whether you are completely new to scripts and want to use your old fully compatible Wizard or Stormfront scripts, or you are looking to become a scripting power-user, Genie3’s scripting language gives you the tools.
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Regular Expressions (RegEx):
Using Regular Expressions allows you to use wildcards to match patterns,  to create safer, more accurate triggers, and more.  This is an unsung feature that you will soon find yourself unable to live without!
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Plugins allow for greater customization of your Genie3 experience.
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What do our users have to say?

Genie is hands down the best FE for Dragonrealms out there. With an active community willing to help out fellow scripters and a great creator who spends his spare time coming up with awesome new features Genie is well worth the relatively small one time fee. I can honestly say that without Genie I would not have played DR for the last 4 years straight.
– Ben, player of Rishlu

Genie3 has re-awakened my love for Dragonrealms. It makes some of the most tedious tasks simple which helps me enjoy the game so much more! I don’t know how I played Dragonrealms with another program. Genie3 is very easy to use and get setup which makes playing so easy, thus allowing me more time to explore and role-play with other people. The Genie3 community is amazing, and seems like someone is always around to give you an answer to any question.
– Rusty, Player of Rhicter

I’ve started and stopped playing DR multiple times. Genie is a huge factor in this, my longest stretch, of continuing to play DR. Triggers, better scripts, heck the automapper by itself is worth the cost of the software. I look forward to continuing my play and seeing what DR AND Genie both come out with next.
– Rocky, Player of Celeres Turrance

I was a little skeptic about Genie at first especially since I had all of my combat macros and such set up for Stormfront; however, once I got my hands on the product I saw that it was actually a fairly simple process to convert everything over. Not only that, but I was able to infinitely improve my PvP capabilities through Genie via the use of IF statement macros and other complex interfacing tools.
For premier PvP performance, only the Genie front end will do.
Walter, player of Leilond Sootherin

As a programmer, I love the advanced scripting and plugin capabilities that make it so easy to automate everyday tasks with minimal coding. As a roleplayer the ability to redirect, modify, and enhance the output of the game makes it far easier to maintain suspension of disbelief and follow the flow of conversation even in high-scroll events. Combine all that with the fantastic community and ever improving features and Genie represents a fantastic value for the money. I can honestly say that without the Genie front-end I would have long ago stopped playing Dragonrealms.
– Pete, player of Barnacus


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