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In the input box below, please list ALL accounts you want assigned to your license key separated by a SPACE. (You may change this later at any time should you need to add or remove accounts.) Your account names are kept private and are only used to generate your key. You must include each account you wish to use: e.g., ACCOUNT1 ACCOUNT2 ACCOUNT3



Genie3 is an alternative front-end for use with the Simutronics Corporation’s library of games, including Dragonrealms and Gemstone. Genie3 boasts a large list of features that will help you survive and thrive in Elanthia like never before.

The Genie software runs on all the common Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Please note that Genie is not a licensed Simutronics product.

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Your account names are kept private and are only used to generate your key. We will never give out any information about you or your account names to anyone. They are only used to verify against your registration key on your OWN computer. We do NOT monitor account names. Our key server ONLY monitors the usage of your registration key versus IP address. If the same key is used on different IP addresses at the same time it will be flagged for termination.

Please note that your key is personal and may not be transferred, shared or sold.

Your key may at any time be terminated by you or the Genie software authors (only in the event of account abuse.) If we suspect abuse we will immediately notify you and invalidate your registration key. No money will be refunded upon termination of your key.

If the mechanics behind connecting to Simutronics(tm) servers change then Genie might stop working (should that happen we will do our best to modify Genie to keep up with the changes.)