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This bundle includes Inventory Manager Plugin, Shopper Plugin and Frenemies Plugin.

You will need the Genie3 software to use this product.

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Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager is a premium plugin designed to provide a bird’s eye view of your characters’ inventories and vaults. Features include:

  • Individual tabs to allow keyword searches between multiple characters and accounts.
  • The ability to drag and drop items between hands and containers.
  • Global variable named $inventory that automatically updates with everything your character is wearing. Very handy for scripting where you want to check armor, shield, etc.
  • Export complete item lists that can be pasted into sales e-mails, etc.

Note: Non premium characters without a vault book, will need to stand inside the vault and run the included script to index the vault.


The Shopper plugin is a helper plugin to make shopping easy. (For traders that own a shop it also manages the tables in a very easy manner.) Features include:

  • Individual tabs per shop that allow keyword searches between shops.
  • Prices are shown in platinum for easy overview. Decimals indicate gold, silver, bronze and copper.
  • Interact with items at the click of a button. Shop, Appraise and Buy.
  • Quickly find items on
  • Trader shop commands; Add to Table, Remove, Set Price and Reserve.
  • Works in any shop that support the SHOP verb.


The Frenemies plugin help you keep track of all your friends and enemies. Colors are automatically set depending on what group you assign players to. Features include:

  • Online window that automatically updates when someone log in and out.
  • Set comments on players so that you can remember who they are and how you met them.
  • #name highlights are automatically created on all players that are set to a group.
  • Built in alerts to trigger custom actions when a player log in, log out or when they arrive to your room.
  • Global variables per group. For example $player_friend will contain a list of all your friends. Handy for scripting where you might want to only allow friends to get a heal.
  • Bonus feature: Shorten thoughts, arrivals and deaths.